Canon Focus | The Aadventurer

In late 2014 myself and Documentary Filmmaker Chris Turner worked alongside each other to create a series of 
videos and photo imagery for Canon U.K. We shifted our focus to the everyday people using Canon products to
capture incredible moments. Shining the spotlight on those who don't see photography as their career, but use it as
a way to document their journey... whatever that may entail.

Canon Focus is a series of videos delving into the day-to-day lives of normal people undertaking incredible challenges
and journeys. Each story explores their background, planning, motivations, challenges, achievements and how Canon
products have enabled them to capture these moments to be shared. The series is not about professional photographers,
nor is it about the technical side of Canon’s range. It’s all about everyday people doing amazing things. Each video
primarily focusses on a person and their story, and secondarily how the Canon product makes their experiences better.

None of the featured people are tech-savvy, nor are they interested in learning the ins and outs of photography. The
best camera for them is one that doesn’t get in the way and just enables them to capture the moment and get on with
whatever it is that they’re doing. 

Art Direction & Production:
Photography: Lee Kirby
Director of Photography: Chris Turner
Camera Assistant: Lee Kirby


Canon Focus | The Parent


The Story:

For first time parent especially, every moment is one to be cherished. Whilst Michelle loves the professional photographs she'd had done, it’s the moments in between that she really wants to remember. She loves the quality of the photos the professional photographers get with they DSLRs but doesn’t have the time to learn how to use one herself. A camera that is always handy, one that you can pick up, turn on and shoot with the comfort of knowing the photos you're are getting are going to be brilliant is the camera for her. The moments she captures, and there will be a lot of them, are memories she will hold on to forever, with the camera to do all the thinking for her lets her enjoy these milestones with the family.

Michelle & Charlie Smith

Canon Focus | The Adventurer


The Story:

The Adventurer is someone who actively pursues challenges and is fascinated with pushing themselves, as well as discovering parts of the world they wouldn't otherwise encounter. They don;t see the destination as an endpoint, but as another leg in their journey. They undertake these adventures for themselves but want to share their journey with the world for others to appreciate.

Jeff is a man that definitely knows the importance of a good photograph, carrying very little with him on his expeditions, every piece of gear has to be justified. We followed Jeff on his trip to Northern Norway as he paddelled and documented his way around the coast.

Jeff Allen

Canon Focus | The Jetsetter


The Story:

A backpacker who is on their journey of a lifetime across a wide range of different countries, wants to capture every aspect of their trip, the highs and lows, to share it with their friends and families as well as to have as a personal reminder for the future.

Andrea runs a travel blog Some Kind of Wonder Lust where she aims to fill you with jealousy of her travels, but more importantly inspires the reader to book a ticket and see the world. We followed her exploring some of the cities more popular tourist locations around the Southbank and an early morning stroll down Columbia Road to pick up dome fresh flowers. 

Andrea Magrath

Canon Focus | The Socialite

The Story:

The Socialite is the epitome of ‘always on’, everything they see, eat, do, read, dream is an opportunity for them to craft a new entry for their blog. They live to experience and, possibly even more importantly, to share their experiences. Lucie Kerley has a way with words that encapsulates and inspires but sometimes words are just not enough, hence her need for a camera that enables her to portray an experience in the best possible way, without having to spend the time learning how to take perfect photos. She runs her own fashion & lifestyle blog Lucie Loves.

All about being in the know, at the right places and looking the part so as well as having to take amazing photos. Accompanied with boyfriend Jon who also shoots with Canon the film focuses on not only their relationship with each other but their relationship with their cameras and how important this piece of equipment is to their profession.


Lucie Kerley