A Weekend at Headley Grange

This weekend was an experience that will take a while to forget. Teaming up with Filmmaker Chris Turner I had the opportunity to shoot at Headley Grange, a special place in the history of music and where Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote 'Stairway to Heaven' in the early 70's. We had the pleasure of spending a whole day shooting Chad Smith Red Hot Chilli Peppers smash up the drums whilst recording. Super excited with this project and can't wait to share the film Chris and I shot soon. Oh and theirs a few more musicians we shot but can't spill just yet.....   

Chad Smith by Lee Kirby

Chad Smith & The Stairway to Heaven by Lee Kirby

Ben Eine @ Converse Studios

Spent the afternoon documenting Ben Eine's at work on his new piece at Converse showrooms toady. A really interesting dude! We're going to be interviewing him about his new work through Gather.ly once he's back home in San Fran next month. If you don't recognise Ben check just google him... This man's a well known artist in the graffiti world.

Ben Eine by Lee Kirby

Dominic Wooding

Chris Turner & I begun working on a personal project a few weeks back documenting Dominic Wooding's rise to the top in MMA with film and photography. I was ecstatic to be asked to apart of this project by This is Tommy. We're heading out next week to meet up with Dom and film him training in Dagenham, then shooting at his title fight in Manchester with backstage access. Going to a long project, I'll be updating our progress here on the blog.