Charlie Munro | Lighting Diagram

Hi people, I get asked a lot about my lighting setup's for my skateboarding photography so I thought I'd draw a little diagram for ya to see what going on outside the frame! Here's the Photo I'm going to talk about

Charlie Munro - 180 fakie 5-0 180 Lee Kirby Photography

Charlie Munro - 180 fakie 5-0 180 Lee Kirby Photography

It was super sunny on this day, so over powering the afternoon sun wasn't going to happen without very strong studio flash. Being out skating with the Milk Skateboards crew quite a bit we visit lots of different spots during the day so kit has got to be light! I normally just have my camera, 85mm 1.2 & 24-70mm 2.8, and my 2 Canon Flash guns with me. Trying to keep up skating from place to place with studio heads and battery packs doesn't work trust me. This is one of my favourite shots I've taken this year, it doesn't always have to be a massive handrail or stair set to get excited about skateboarding photography.

Take a look at my lighting diagram for the specifics and we'll go from there....

Notice that I was shooting with flash and with a shutter of 1/6400s??? This is where the Pocket Wizard set up comes into play. The Pocket Wizard trigger and receivers allow your camera to sync flash at any speed, this is great for skateboarding photography because you're going to get best results with your shutter above 1/1000s but without Pocket Wizards you will get the BLACK BAR treatment!! Not nice.... God knows how these things work but they do, they're quite expensive but hire some out and have a play and you'll start saving for them I promise. They have pushed my photography style to a new level and wouldn't know what to do without them now. 

I had both flashes on the same side on full power to match what the sun was metering at with these settings, I never bother trying to overpower the sun during the day. I use it as my guide then just fill in the shadows with the speedlites and push in some rim lighting and I'm done. 

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Hope this helped, Youtube is pretty weak on this subject still.

And yes I did draw the diagram, it's been a slow day today....